THE HISTORY AND MISSION Four generations and 150 years of history

The History

Bernasconi was established by Ernesto Bernasconi, who, in 1872, opened a workshop of handmade silver products on via Speronari, in the centre of Milan.

In 1910 his wife, Ginevra, well known for her entrepreneurial skills, opened the first shop of silverware in the newly Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Ernesto Bernasconi Ginevra Bernasconi

Official supplier of the Royal Household Savoy

In 1924, for the highest quality in manufacturing of products, the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III bestowed “Bernasconi” with the right to inscribe the royal coat-of-arms with the inscription “Royal Household Patent” on the products made. “Bernasconi” became one of the official suppliers of the Royal Household Savoy (“fornitore della Real Casa”).

Ministero Real Casa

Store in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

In the early '30s, with the help of his sons Renzo and Giuseppe and their wives Jole and Paola, it was opened a new prestigious store in the Octagon of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the shop in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

After World War II, the third generation, Giorgio, Aldo and Alberto, revives the development of the business and offers the best handicraft silverware. A new shop in Milan, on Corso Magenta, is added.

The honour of
of Milan

In 2000, the Milan Municipality awarded to “Bernasconi” the honour of Historical Shop  “Bottega Storica”, as a location of memory, heritage of professionalism, and of tradition passed down for generations.

Bottega storica Milano Riconoscimento Regione Lombardia

4th Generation

In 2010, the Lombardy Regional institution awarded to “Bernasconi” the honour of Historical and Traditional Emblem (“Insegna storica e di tradizione”). This award is reserved only for businesses that have maintained, for at least 50 years, characteristics of excellence regarding the quality of products and been a significant historic testimony. The current fourth generation of the family, Claudio and Maurizio, with the same innovative spirit of great-grandparents, moves the business to its current location on Via Manzoni 44, part of the famous district of fashion (quadrilatero della moda) along with the most prestigious Italian and international brands.

The refined objects in silver are now flanked by selected handicraft creations made of natural high quality materials, such as horn, leather, marble, stone and mother of pearl.

Disegno facciata boutique Bernasconi


Our passion, from generation to generation, is to preserve, cultivate and pass on the pleasure of the true luxury that you can discover in those unique artworks to be used, to be loved and to be forwarded, created by the most selected artisans able to shape skillfully the wide variety of materials offered by nature.